Bicyle is the most used, easiest transportation in Amsterdam

Good to know

Rent a bike, delivery at the boat

Reserve in advance!
Bikes are standard city bikes with handbrakes and 3 gears.
They are fully insured and will be delivered at the boat.

Costs for bike rental are:

1 day 15,00 euro
2 days 27,50 euro (13.75/day)
3 days 37,50 euro (12.50/day)
extra days + 9,00 euro p/day

Child seats (Age: 1/3 ): 2,50 p/day
Local Bike has two bike types for children available. Age: 4/6 and Age: 6/10
In case of technical problems call: Local Bike + 31 637 480 908

Altenative rental options

Renting a bike at a shop nearby may be more economic (and a little more hassle / deposit needed)
Verify prices/bike types. hand- brakes etc. yourself, before you finalyse your plan, as prices may change.

Near GP Amstel River

Witter Tweewielers

address: van Woustraat 234 (5 minutes walking)Just a few hours: 10:00  tot 17:30  = €7,50
24 hours  = € 12,00                                                        
2 days   = € 24,00
3 or more days  = € 10,00 / day

Near Harbour View/ Skippers Home


right around the corner (200m):
C. van Eesterenlaan, 31
hours: 8AM - 7:30 PM
flat rate: 12:50 / day

Black Bikes

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 14, 15 minutes walking, 2 minutes with tram 10

hand brake / no gears:
3 hours € 9,00
24 hours € 13,00
2-4th day € 9,50
also electric bikes and more

App based rental

Find and unlock available bikes around Amsterdam using an app on your smart phone. 
Inexpensive option; bikes may be of poor quality.
Price around 1 euro/30 minutes. Check websites for more details
This new system is a nuissance in the eyes of locals, because all these extra bikes use scarce public space.

FlickBike - Find.Ride.Drop
Donkey Republic