Public transport tickets

One / multi day tickets

probably the easiest way to get around, get on/of as often as you want. 
You must check in and out with your card every time you enter and exit one of the vehicles.

from/to airport

chip card

most people in the netherlands use the chip card. This is option is not very practical for one-time visitors

• empty cards cost non-refundable €7.50, last up to 5 years.
• Load and top-up credit  for travel.
• Passengers must check-in and check-out of every journey using card readers.
• Minimum card balance of €4 (public transport) and €20 (train) - taken off as a deposit on check-in.
• Correct fare deducted on check-out, deposit is refundable at a public transfer counter.
• Every traveller aged 4 or higher must have their own OV-chip card.


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